5 best cities to visit in Italy


Food is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italy. Italian food is indeed some of the best food you can find. But Italy is also famous for some of its amazing cities. The art, unique culture and coastal views of these cities make Italy one of the best countries to visit in holidays. Here are the five best cities to visit in Italy.


img-12If you are a fashion lover, you should visit Milan. It is the home to the headquarters of the many famous fashion brands. Milan is considered as the global capital of design, architecture, and fashion. If you love art and fashion, you should visit Milan.

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Venice is also known for art and architecture. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has rich cultural and musical heritage. There are small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation, you should plan for Venice.



Naples has a very rich history. The culture of the city is expressed through sculptures, castles, and museums. It is also renowned for its awesome food. Here you will get the country’s best pizza, pasta and coffee. It offers the best taste of Italian food.



Forbes has ranked Florence as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a major tourist attraction. There are lovely castles and churches throughout the city. The views are great, and the culture here is also rich.



It is a very romantic city and has a Romeo and Juliet trail. You will find endless entertainment with opera. There are theaters, shops, and cafes hidden in medieval lanes.
If you are planning for your holiday in Italy, you must visit these cities. You will have an experience of a lifetime spending time in these beautiful towns.

5 world famous food that originated in Italy


Italian food is very popular around the world. The simplicity of the recipe and the unforgettable taste makes Italian foods famous. Here are five most popular Italian dishes that are found in restaurants all over the world.



From kids to adults, everybody loves pizza. It is the national food of Italy. It has a simple recipe but with tons of variations. Basic pizza is a freshly made bread base with tomato sauce and cheese topping. You can add any food topping in your pizza including chicken, beef, mushrooms, etc.



This is another famous Italian dish that comes in many varieties.  North Italy is fond of the Pesto and Bolognese versions. But the Central Italy loves Tomato and Carbonara pasta dishes. Pasta is made from dough and can be made into different shapes and sizes, like Spaghetti (thin strings), Maccheroni (tubes or cylinders), lasagne (sheets), fusilli (swirls), etc. You can create variations in pasta dishes by adding meat, tomato, cheese, sauces and herbs.



It is a flat pasta that is served with cheese and sauce in alternate layers. Meat and vegetables are also added. The recipe varies from one region to another. For example, in the southern region, the sauce used is simple tomato sauce; whereas, in the northern region, Bechamel sauce is used.

Minestrone Soup


It is made of two popular Italian ingredients beans and nuts. Pine nut is used in this soup. This nut is also used in many Italian desserts. The famous Pesto sauce uses pine nut also.



It is a popular rice dish in Italy. The rice is mixed with vegetables, broth, and spices to make it creamy and give it some flavor. Some types of risotto include parmesan cheese, butter, and onion.

Italian food has so much diversity that there is something for everyone. When you visit Italy, you must try these dishes.

Top three beaches in La Calabre that you must visit


La Calabre is often called the Caribbean of Europe. It has a warm climate and many miles of lovely sun-drenched coastline. These coastlines wrap around seaside villages. Here are the top three beaches in La Calabre that you must visit.

1. Caminia (Catanzaro)


If you would like to experience beach life like the local people, then you must visit Caminia. The beach is surrounded by lovely cliffs, pebbled sand, and warm water. It is the best place for relaxing. It’s panoramic view, pristine waters and unspoiled beaches will take your breath away. You can visit the famed beach town of Soverato which is situated nearby.

2. Diamante (Cosenza)


This beach is located on the Tyrrhenian coast. It has crystal clear waters, sloping cliffs with olive grooves and long white beaches. You can spend some fantastic time at a seaside café and enjoy the lovely landscape. You can visit the town’s famous colorful murals. If you like outdoor activities, then you can try windsurfing, sailing, water skiing or scuba diving on this beach.

3. Praia A Mare (Cosenza)


It has pebbled shores. The Dino Island is the major point of attraction here. It is a World Heritage and is know for its six great sea caves. These caves shoot underwater lights which magically light up the blue waters. You can enjoy a number of outdoor activities here including paragliding, scuba diving, and trekking. People who are looking for more adventure can try cliff jumping off the Arcomagno Arch. This natural bridge located in a hidden bay is simply spectacular.

La Calabre offers an endless choice of lovely beaches who love the sun. There are good cafes, restaurants, and hotels to make your stay here a memorable one.

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