La Calabre is a monthly tourism magazine that focuses on Italy, particularly the La Calabre region. Italy has always been a favorite holiday destination for people all around the world. Italy has so much to offer. It has spectacular cities, beautiful museums, ancient ruins, great beaches, mountains and natural scenery. It is of particular interest to the art lovers.

img-17La Calabre is a region in Southwest Italy. It takes the “toe” of the country‚Äôs boot-shaped peninsula. There are rugged mountains, beautiful coastline, traditional villages, and great beaches. This magazine contains lots of information about La Calabre, which includes its culture, history, demography, and more. If you are thinking of visiting La Calabre, then you will find many interesting travel tips. You will learn about the various hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. La Calabre is a beautiful region, and it has many attractions. You will learn about the experiences of people who have visited the place. Besides featuring the different tourist spots, you will also find articles on Italian food, so that you know what to taste when you visit Italy.

The magazine is full of beautiful photographs. Subscribe to our magazine today to learn more about La Calabre, and Italy in general.

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